Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wiard 300 Samples

Having got the Wiard 300 series up and running, I decided to take a quick canter through some simple patches and a few of the patch ideas on the Wiard site. There are no additional processing of the sounds and other than power in and audio out (into the computer sound card) no other equipment was used. I used the sequantiser to create the melodic lines and triggered via the Borg LFOs or Wogglebug.
The full line up was a Classic VCO, Sequantizer, Dual Envelator, Waveform City, Borg Filter, Mixolator and Wogglebug.
Hopefully available from the URL below are samples of; linear FM, dynamic depth linear FM, PWM on Pulse from the Classic VCO, a sawtooth and sine wave with the Borg filter, Wogglebug with Borg in low pass gate (VCA) mode, Waveform City wavetable 8 (Vortrax chip samples).
Samples are at http://share.ovi.com/channel/ChamomileShark.public
With thanks, as always, to Grant Richter for conceiving, designing and building the Wiard modules.

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