Saturday, December 17, 2005

Catch up (part 2)

Also in November and continuing through December I've been working on a short track. "The Lost Harvest". The main parts were created very quickly, it's mainly the children's choir but heavily treated. A few other instruments come in and out. It sounds a little spooky and ends the cycle started with "Ophelia Dreaming", "Hireath", "First Signs of Autumn" and "Spirited away".
In November I was listening to a lot of early Berlin School electronic music and was thinking about what I would sound like using the same equipment. Rather than set out to do a pastiche I took "The lost harvest" and used software emulations of a few bits of equipment used at the time, mainly Mellotron and Arp Odyssey. I kept the reverb to spring or plate reverbs and the delay to emulations of tape delay. Everything was played by hand on the original and there are only a few tracks. I may add some sound effects from an EMS emulation, but then again, might not. Overall this version sounds a lot chunkier than the original..partly because the Mellotron doesn't have the slow attack of the choir sounds I used for the first version.

Catch up (part 1)

In November I completed "Spirited away into a clear blue sky", just waiting for a suitable moment to release it. It's about a feeling akin to agrophobia. Steve Wright had a joke about it, "I'm not afraid of heights, I'm afraid of widths". So for me being on a cliff or high building is not about the ground, it's about the open space in front and above me. I feel like I'll be pulled up into the void. So that's what it's about.