Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wonderful PPG emulation

I really love the sound of the PPG when I first heard one back in the 80s and that love has never really diminished. When I restarted my music one of the first software emulations I got was the Steinberg/Waldorf one that I still use for tinkling sequencer runs. I was very surprised when I downloaded this version, it immediately sounded even better and general opinion was that the Waldorf one was pretty good. This one also has some interesting quirks, it's an exact emulation, so sound creation and saving, boot up etc are just as awkward. But the sound! Hermann is working on a EVU/ Wave2.2/ Wave2.3 system, but he's doing it in his spare time. In the meantime a Wave 2.2 emulation is available for free though a donation, or just a thank you might not go amiss !