Monday, March 25, 2013

What I did on my holidays and a brief meditation on mortality

"Please exit via the gift shop" was a frequently signed request on our trips round various tourist destinations last year.

It soon became my personal mantra, particularly as I realised don't we all at one time exit through the gift shop?

It became the obvious title for this hotch potch piece, partly because of the environmental recordings I made at the beach at Bournmouth, from a minature train at Bleinheim and so on that meant for me it captured the spirit of that holiday. 

The other connection was that I used it to try out various little gifts, new bits of equipment or older things I had but had never quite found a place for. All of these were added in, over doing it until I ended up with a sticky sweet mess that you then find stuck down the side of the car seat when the holiday is over. (My wife took the pictures)

Listen to Please Exit through the Gift Shop