Sunday, August 17, 2008

Experimental Track released

I have now completed a short experimental piece “I had lost my friend (No way out)”.

The text came from a dream recorded 30/6/2007. It is only a part that appears to deal with the fragmentation of the self into a number of personas, hero, scientist, servant and victim. It’s no co-incidence that the personas are within a graphic novel, they are literally “paper thin”. The significance of the conclusion which adds (No way out) to the title, still eludes me. But I won’t lose any sleep over it.

I had lost my friend.
I was afraid I had lost him.
And then I found him, finally, trapped in a black and white graphic novel.

He was a between the wars butler, but he cannot remember who he used to be before.

He was part of an expedition to Africa with an aristocratic group, but the expedition had gone wrong .

His face appears in one panel. Another scene shows other members of the expedition staked out by the natives.

Yet another scene panel shows one of them, Werner von Braun, dead in the plane crash,

Now my friend appears as superman, but he is only in the garden we started from.

Everywhere else he sees himself dead.

Now he can only exist as a fantasy figure, in this one place.

(Coda, not part of the dream)
I can only exist here as a fantasy figure.
I can only exist here as a fantasy figure
I can only exist here as a fantasy figure

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