Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Catch Up - April 2008

I've released three tracks as part of the "Strange Stars" theme. All are available on Soundclick.

The most recent is "Point with no no reference". It’s actually an old track. In the early 80s I created a short piece of cosmic/ space synth work called “Depayse”, it was probably on my first cassette release.. Later in the 80s it was reworked for a compilation promo for the Electronical Dreams label “The Dream is just beginning” and re-titled “Point with no reference”. It’s now reworked yet again. By accident when messing around with one of the keyboards I used in the second version I quoted from one of my other pieces of the time and left it in. My first synth was used to take the bass part it had taken about 25 years ago.
After all those years the structure remains very simple and close in feeling to the original. The text that accompanies this version is

“Somewhere in the far reaches, a place with no name, something sings a song of eternal solitude.”

It’s at

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