Saturday, September 24, 2005

Getting all the ducks in a row....

That's what has been the focus recently. Getting all the ducks in a row. Setting up the new blog, setting it as the new link from the website.

And it's not just in cyberspace. I've been trying to "keep it real" (yeah right) by getting more hardwire linked into the computer. One of my old synths and the old Revox tape machine. The latter means that possibly, just possibly, I can transfer some of my master tapes from my "commercial" releases from the 80s to digital. From there they can be cleaned up (I hope) and possibly reissue on the net. But I have no idea what state they are in. I'm afraid to look. I heard that the master tape from REMs "Automatic for the People" (released Oct 92) has already disintegrated. My tapes go back to 1982. Yikes! Apparently one method is to put the tapes in the oven (yes really) and then you can play them again..once. But with my cooking skills I dread to think. And I don't think the microwave is a great idea either.

Music iself is having to take a back seat. I have one track "First signs of Autumn" ready and I'm working on another "Spirited away into a clear blue sky". Yesterday I started one called "monologues", all done on a Roland SH101 synth, just to get all the cliched sounds and moves out of the way. Doubt if it will see the light of day but it was a fun exercise.

ok, enough already!

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