Saturday, October 22, 2005

Nostalgia, new music and congrats to Bela D media

Not quite into the swing of this blogging lark yet. Hopefully it will come in time.
I've been caught up in a bit of a nostalgia binge after connecting up some old analogue monosynths. I'm toying withb the idea of buying new hardware. I've decided not to remaster the old material just yet as all this history can get a bit suffacating. I am sort of getting back on track. My ears have attuned to the old hardware synths and then retuned back to include the software, it sounds bizarre but I've found that can really stop me, anything I create just doesn't blend together, it needs a while to adjust. I really didn't know I'd be so sensitive!

"Spirited Away" is now largely complete, it needs to be mixed and mastered but I think all the music is there. Last night I started something new and it seems that it's almost there already. Sort of eerie, very organic and short, it will probably be called "The Lost harvest" which is the working title I've been using for the recent series of celtic/ new age/ ambient type music I've been producing. Like the soon to be released "First Signs of Autumn" it's built upon Bela D Media's excellent childrens choir samples (Congrats to Francis for the great review in Sound on Sound ).
Ok I can smell the food burning, time to go!

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