Friday, July 13, 2007

May Night (Experimental)

I decided to try and create something a bit more experimental and abstract using the small modular here. Problem was I don't really know the context or "rules of the game" for experiemental stuff so I decided to be guided by a couple of ideas themed around a Russian May Night. May Night itself refers to the Rimsky-Korsakov opera and here I used the image of the stage setting of dark blue when I went to a dress rehearsal for the opera. I then started thinking about Nabakov's description of his childhood in Russia and his delight in seeing the sphinx moths appear. Finally I added in a bit of Stanilav Lem's playful idea of the stars being originally arranged in rows and lines in the sky. So with the pseud police hammering on my door as I write, this ended up with a piece where first the stars come out one by one, then get bored and appear in a rush, frogs croak, a nightbird calls and the sphinx moths arrive. Out hero starts to nod off and starts to fantasise about stars clumsily dancing with comets rushing in and out.

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