Sunday, November 11, 2007

In the Shadow of Narcopolis

I've managed to get this track off the computer and released. There was a lot less that needed to be done, actually it was complete and waiting for about 6 months.
I'm hoping now to start getting back into the swing of recording, seeing as my creative year usually starts in October and goes through to May (ish).
The whole “Dreamers” series is about, sleep, dreams, and those things that lie just beyond our perception. This track takes a gothic lens, borrowing heavily from HP Lovecraft. The story behind “In the Shadow of Narcopolis” involves a Victorian explorer who is plagued by outlandish nightmares. To satisfy his curiosity and perhaps find some relief he travels to a strange city in the middle of a desert. There he discovers that his nightmares are generated by some ancient race that sleep within the walls and the city breathes out these malign thoughts to the world of men. Unfortunately, although the grotesque dreamers are asleep the city itself is not. It captures and entombs the explorer so that he now dreams forever within the city of Narcopolis.

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