Thursday, November 22, 2007

Four Reveries

I created the Four Reveries for last year. They offer music to therapists and others interested in music and textures to accompany healing, relaxation and meditation. The music I produced for them is slightly different to the tightly packed material I usually create.
I put an excerpt up on Soundclick and like another track I put up there it played too fast (it's been an issue there for years but it's the first time I experienced it). I got it re-encoded on the site but though the tempo is right it still seems rather toppy.
So to listen to the Reveries best go to, the link for my page is
Over the summer I had been looking at algorithmic/ aleatoric music tools in the software domain. I was auditioning a couple that looked promising and will be looking at them again as a tool for creating the basic material for long tracks for

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